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Timo Denz is a young, aspiring photo designer living in Esslingen (next to Stuttgart)/Germany at present. His photographs show another, to many hidden side of life. Since now 14 years portraits of flamboyant, expensively styled, in their very own way very expressive models of different juvenile subcultures form the work of his project Hexistenz, which is also known from the webpage of the same name. Glamour /people/portrait photography, impressions of photographic excursions to fallow industrial sights, influences from witch culture, his existence as a designer, the treatment of old cultures and their countries of origin and all kinds of other input interwove to his very own style. His models appear in his books sometimes cranky and bizarre, sometimes sexy and wicked, then again completely natural and with a smile on their lips. He shows these unusual figures at just as unusual locations and in unusual contexts, he gets them to dance over shut down industrial ruins, at castle ruins, in burnt-out  carriages, old tunnel systems, or to pose on strangly arranged tin barrels at the atelier. "Modern Times Witches" is the title of his first illustated book. Modern times witches. In a positive meaning, far away from the negative, medieval meaning of the word. The photographs show self-confident, flamboyant young women with a very expressive personality, obtain the self-determined experience of a life of being different. The unusualness of the visual, the breath of underground, the  non-ordinary, the ridge walk between concept, composing and spontaneous photography on instinct and his gift to worm out and record emotions of his models, which are connected with the photographed situation, lends that certain something his photographies. Not to escape one's notice a tangible authenticity, which lends the viewer of the pictures the possibility of being able to understand the moment, getting lost in the eyes, view and expression and being able to dip in into the attitude, the life of the models and the 'underground'...

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2006 faeries and fiends, ISBN 3866080514
2006 V.A. fetish, ISBN 3-89985-092-0
2004 FreakShowDiary, ISBN 3937536620
2003 modern times witches, ISBN 3935798792

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all available books can be bought at or (worldwide shipping too). For further information please contact ubooks via or visit their english shop-section!


info for models

Who found Timo Denz' pictures of interesting (who lives near germany/went to take vacations in germany or whatever) and would like to be the next subject for his site's photos  should send an info-mail including a brief description of himself (name, surname, age, height, hair, likes -outfit/style-, peculiarities like piercings/tattoos...) and 1-2 test photos (profile and full pose) to the following address
models @


previous exhibitions


KUKO, Esslingen


Universal Dog, Lahr

'Hexhibition 2010', Agra-Messehalle, Leipzig



'faeries and fiends', Universal Dog, Lahr

'faeries and fiends', Sommercasino, Basel

Art-Zone, Columbiahalle/Magazin, Berlin

Spirit Of Fashion, Eiswerder Fernsehstudios, Berlin



'Hexhibition 2005', Agra-Messehalle, Leipzig



'modern times witches', Markthalle, Hamburg

'modern times witches', Agra-Messehalle, Leipzig

'modern times witches', Melodrom, Kaufbeuren

'modern times witches', Provisorium, Ludwigsburg
'modern times witches', Big Eden, Berlin


'modern times witches', Release-Ausstellung, WH Gaisburg, Stuttgart
'Extraction underground', Galerie Nieser, Stuttgart
'Elektrisierend bizarr', Le Fonque, Stuttgart



'Hexhibition', Café Carpe Diem, Markgröningen


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Fine art prints of many of timo denz' images are available. each print comes as a professional fine art print on special portrait-paper. Signed if desired. For more information on pricing and availability please contact Timo Denz via prints @



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